Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jake was helping too!

The good news is that Jake found a home of his very own by now. However, we were just sent these cute photos of him at the annual IBR Garage sale, where he was a poster boy for WHY we do rescue.
Can you imagine this gorgeous boy being put to sleep at the shelter? Well, he's safe, happy and adopted now!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jacob needs a home!

Jacob aka Jakes is an 18 month old beautiful tri-color setter boy. His owners were moving and turned him into the shelter. He was a favorite with the shelter volunteers, but had to get into rescue fast, as his time was running out.
A lot of dedicated volunteers helped out to get Jake into safety.
Jake is on the way into temporary foster care right now, but we are seeking a permanent foster home for him.

Jake was not allowed inside at his previous home, but was fine with people, other dogs and we know he's wonderful with kids 10 years and older. He's very friendly and sociable.